If the service team is considered the face of a restaurant, then the kitchen team is the backbone of it. In a high octane working environment such as the kitchen, where discipline, creativity and speed are all equally important, it is crucial that there is a strong bond, understanding, and trust between everyone on the team. In our kitchen, everyone is a key player and together, we strive to grow stronger not only as individuals but also as a team.

Hafiz – Best described as the glue that holds everything together, the big brother, the confidant, the linebacker, or to put it less glamorously, everybody's nanny. More commonly addressed by his nickname “Sudut”.


Syaaban – The steed, spirited, and needs occasional taming. Has his quirks and eccentricities, described as weird at best, but nonetheless a very reliable workhorse.


"That's good, it's the trait of a good sous chef, you want a sous chef to be like this" - Jeff Ramsey, Babe Gastro Fun Dining

"Solid, trustworthy, he gets the job done, but can be a bit noisy sometimes" - Takashi Kimura, Cilantro Restaurant

Billy – Not a single bad bone in him. Follows instructions to a tee, he’s known as the perfect soldier. Enthusiastic and a good team player, despite being a perfect prank target sometimes.


Llewelyn – Like a pedigree, he has the built-in wits and is a fast learner. Serious when he’s in full concentration, but can be mischievious at times. Answers to his middle name “John” because almost no one can pronounce his first name.


 "He's so shy, it's endearing to see such gentleness from someone in the kitchen" - Samantha Lim, Malaysian Tatler

"I like that he has the passion to learn, and also a very good attitude" - Johnson Wong, Gen Penang