JUN WONG, Chef De Cuisine

On completing her degree at 22, Chef Jun Wong ventured into haute cuisine in french kitchens to find her passion. Pitched against aspiring chefs who began as teens, Jun had an eagerness to pick up new skills quickly and experiment with cooking techniques and ingredients. 

With the encouragement of her mentor, Chef Takashi Kimura, Jun landed herself in the 3 Michelin-starred Robuchon au Dôme in Macau. Since then, she has worked and staged in some of the best restaurants around the world, including Narisawa (2-starred Michelin and World No. 8) in Tokyo and Sixpenny, a 2-hatted (starred) restaurant in Sydney.

Then, having trained under a new generation of super chefs (not celebrity chefs), Jun took another big step forward as head chef in Le Petit Flot, a rustic French restaurant in Sydney, a departure from her purebred fine dining roots.

On returning home, Chef Jun is respecting her philosophy and creating dishes that respect the integrity of quality ingredients and to instil sustainable practices in her kitchen together with her crew of young chefs.